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Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

Bolstered by new drain cleaning tool, our skilled plumbers can help turn your sluggish or non-functional drains into free-flowing conduits again.

Not only will cleaning them unclog the pipes, it will also clean the walls of the pipe, get rid of foul odors, and keep clogs from occurring again. There is no need to settle for an inefficient drain, irrespective of where it is in your house. Our experienced plumbers can return your pipes to full functionality and clear even the toughest clogs.

Drain Cleaning

How is professional drain cleaning different from commercial drain cleaners?

Clogged drains are messy, smelly, annoying, and can make pipes damaged. Because it causes water flow restriction this can cause leaks to form in pipes. Unfortunately, the standing water from a leaky pipe can promote the growth of mold and attract unwanted pests.

Drainage clogs must be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage and irritation. Some may resort to buying a low-cost drain cleaner to solve it but this may not prove to be the most effective solution.

You’re likely to be disappointed with the results you get from using a drain cleaning product purchased from a store, which does no more than create a small opening in a clog and can harm the environment. Many times such cleaners are only temporary solutions to the problem of a clogged drain. What these cleaners do is just have the start of the pipe cleared of the debris. So in effect, it just pushed the gunk further down the drain and caused the clog to be bigger there.

A professional drain cleaning will clear the pipes of debris completely. Today, homeowners need not worry about their safety as plumbers make use of environmentally safe chemicals in drain cleaning.

Plumbing professionals carry a variety of tools in their service vehicles for use in clearing clogged drains leading from sinks, washing machines, or toilets. A drain camera may be used to spot the issue and clear it. Once you’d had a drain cleaning, your pipes will be in top condition.

How does water jetting work?

Instead of making use of dangerous chemicals to remove the debris from the drain, a professional may opt instead for the hydro-jetting technique. This technique involves using a high-pressure jet stream of water to clear a drain and unclog it.

Professionals always clean up any mess they make while clearing pipes and leave the area clean and tidy. The jet stream scours the entire pipe rather than creating a pinhole so homeowners won’t need to be concerned about the clog coming back shortly after the job. Your pipes will stay clearer for a longer period, and you will avoid constantly spending money on drain cleaners.

Because clearing pipe obstructions through hydro-jetting uses only water, it’s completely safe for the environment. Tree roots and other obstructions can be cleared from sewer pipes using hydro-jetting. There’s no need to cut a sewer line open when using the hydro-jet to clear obstructions, which makes the cleanup quick and easy.

What if the disposal is the problem?

What you first perceive as a problem with your kitchen sink drain may stem from an issue with your garbage disposal. Large pieces of food or other materials can prove too tough for a disposal to break down, causing a jam. If you can’t clear a jam by yourself, you’ll need to call in an experienced professional to do it.

Expert technicians can make a diagnosis on the problem and repair it in a jiffy so that it is working again. If it is deemed that the disposal is beyond repair already, then the technician will let you know about your options for its replacement. New garbage disposals often come with a lifetime warranty to give homeowners peace of mind that they’ve made a wise purchase decision.

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