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Professional Hydro Jetting Services in Houston, TX

High-Pressure water jetting (also called Hydro Jetting) is the best method of sewer & drain cleaning available.

Our high-pressure water jetting units are 18 GPM @ 4,000 PSI and are capable of cleaning 2 to 18-inch diameter pipes. Our water jetting services are the number one recommended service in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Hydro Jetting

Why Hydro Jetting?

Solid or impacted clogs and blockages that won’t clear with traditional line snaking, drainage, or preventive maintenance are the perfect candidates for water jetting.

From scale accumulation and massive root intrusion to things like hair, silt, heavy grease, or sludge buildup, Hydro Jetting can be used in your home or commercial business to get your drains flowing like new again.

Unlike the cable or electric cleaning machines, jets of high-pressure water scour the entire internal diameter of a pipe for maximum cleaning effectiveness.

How does Hydro Jetting work?

Instead of using dangerous chemicals to remove the debris from the drain, you may opt instead for the water-jetting technique.

The jet stream of water scours the entire pipe rather than creating a pinhole which can lead to further clogs. Your pipes will stay clearer for a longer period, and you can avoid constantly spending money on drain cleaners.

Because clearing pipe obstructions in this way uses only water, it’s completely safe for the environment. Even tree roots and other obstructions can be cleared from sewer pipes using water jetting.

There’s no need to cut a sewer line open when using the hydro jet to clear obstructions, which makes the cleanup quick and easy.

Trust the Professionals

Please bare in mind that water jetting must be done by a professional plumber and should not be taken on by an amateur plumber, homeowner, or business owner.

Moreover, it may not be effective at all, depending on the situation of the pipes. Rushing into a hydro jetting solution may make the situation worse if it wasn’t needed in the first place, so trust a professional team who understands the nuances of this technique.

After all, the last thing you want is someone to experiment with your plumbing system and enhance the damage.

Our professional team of plumbers know when and how to use water jetting and ensure proper cleaning and protection of your pipes.

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